Research interests 

  • Worker-Managed Firms, Inequality, Labor Economics, Organizational Economics


  • "The hidden benefits of abstaining from control (with Simon Halliday and Fabio Landini), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming. 
  • "Equality under threat by the talented: evidence from worker-managed firms", The Economic Journalvol. 126(594), 1372-1403.
  • "Workplace Democracy and Job Flows," (with Guillermo Alves and Andres Dean), Journal of Comparative Economicsvol. 44(2), 258-271.
  • "Are worker-managed firms more likely to fail than conventional enterprises? Evidence from Uruguay", Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2014, vol. 67(1), 202-238.
  • “Revisiting the objectives of worker-managed firms: an empirical assessment” (with Andres Dean), Economic Systems, 2012, vol 36 (1), 158–171.
  • “New evidence on wages and employment in worker cooperatives compared with capitalist firms” (with Andres Dean), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2009. Vol 34 (4), 517-533.
  •  "Social benefits in Uruguay: why do some potential beneficiaries not apply?" (with Gioia de Melo). CEPAL Review, 2009 Nº 98, 141-158.

Working papers
  • "Employee representation and flexible working time," (with Virginie Perotin), IZA Discussion Papers 10437Revision requested by Labour Economics.
  • "Third-Party vs. Second-Party Control: Disentangling the Role of Autonomy and Reciprocity," (with Simon Halliday and Fabio Landini), IZA Discussion Papers 9251. Revised version forthcoming in Journal of Economic behavior and Organization.
  • Inequality and Top Incomes in Uruguay: a comparison between household surveys and income tax micro-data; WTID working paper 2014-1 (with Fernando Esponda and Andrea Vigorito).
  • "Empleo, remuneraciones e inversión en cooperativas de Trabajadores: nueva evidencia para Uruguay". Serie Documentos de trabajo, Instituto de Economía, UdelaR (with Alves, Guillermo, Paula Carrasco, Andrés Dean and Andrés Rius).
Work in progress
  • Risk, time, and social preferences of managers: a comparison between worker cooperatives and conventional firms (with Guillermo Alves, Pablo Blanchard, Mariana Chavez & Andres Dean) 
  • Sick pay and worker absenteeism under different organizational settings (with Andres Dean & Pablo Blanchard)
  • Behavioral responses to tax changes: evidence from Uruguay (Marcelo Bergolo, Mauricio De Rosa, Matias Giaccobasso, and Martín Leites).
  • Firms and wage inequality in Uruguay (with Mariana Chavez, Andres Dean & Sebastian Fleitas)