Current position
  • April 2015-present, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Leeds University Business School.
  • 2007-present, Assistant Professor at Instituto de Economía, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administración, Universidad de la República, Uruguay (UdelaR) (currently on leave).
  • July 2015-present, IZA Research Fellow
  • 2009-present, Member of the Uruguayan National System of Researchers (ANII)

Italian National Scientific Habilitation (ASN)

  • Associate Professor qualification in Political Economy, Economic Policy & Applied Economics (abilitazione II fascia - 13/A1-A2-A4), April 2017 - 2023.
  • PhD in Economics, University of Siena, June 2013.
  • B.A. in Economics, Universidad de la República
Publications in Peer Reviewed Academic Journals
  • 2016 "Workplace Democracy and Job Flows," (with Guillermo Alves and Andres Dean), (Accepted for publication: Journal of Comparative Economics). 
  • 2016.  "Equality under threat by the talented: evidence from worker-managed firms" (Accepted for publication: The Economic Journal)
  • 2014. "Are worker-managed firms more likely to fail than conventional enterprises? Evidence from Uruguay", Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2014, vol. 67(1), pages 202-238, January.
  • 2012. “Revisiting the objectives of worker-managed firms: an empirical assessment” (with Andres Dean), Economic Systems, 2012, vol 36 (1), pp 158–171.
  • 2009. “New evidence on wages and employment in worker cooperatives compared with capitalist firms” (with Andres Dean), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2009. Vol 34 (4), pp 517-533. 
      • [Reprinted in Pencavel, John, 2013. The Economics of Worker Cooperatives, Edward Elgar Publishing, The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics Series].
  • 2009. "Social benefits in Uruguay: why do some potential beneficiaries not apply?" (with Gioia de Melo). CEPAL Review, 2009,  Nº 98, pp.141-158.
Refereeing activities
  • British Journal of Industrial Relations, Empirical Economics, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, IZA World of Labor, Journal of Economic Inequality, Journal of Economic Issues, Journal of Institutional Economics.
Grants, fellowships and awards
  • 2014. Best Doctoral Dissertation in Comparative Economic Systems. European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES).
  • 2013. Marie Curie Research Fellowship. Project title: "Worker participation and job preservation under recessionary conditions in Europe". Host institution: Leeds University Business School.
  • 2008/2012: 4-years PhD Scholarship, University of Siena, Italy.
  • 2010. Horvat-Vanek Prize. International Association for Economics of Participation (IAFEP).  
Recent presentations in seminars and conferences
  • 2016. International Society for New Institutional Economics Conference, Paris
  • 2016. Seminar at DEPS, University of Siena
  • 2015. Seminar at Copenhagen Business School
  • 2015. First World Congress of Comparative Economics. Rome Tre University.
  • 2014. Workshop on New Economic Teaching, Santiago de Chile. INET-CORE project.
  • 2014. Groupe de recherche sur la démocratie interne, University of Louvain, Belgium (videoconference).
  • 2013. International Society for New Institutional Economics Conference, Florence.
  • 2013. Workshop: "Employee Ownership and its Wider Effects. Strengthening Democracy at Work and in our Communities", Scottish Universities Insight Institute, Glasgow, Abril, 2013.
  • 2012. International Association for Economics of Participation (IAFEP) Conference, Rutgers' School of Management and Labor Relations.
  • 2012. Workshop on Social Economy, University of Bologna., Forli Campus, Italy.
  • 2010. CRED Workshop, University of Namur, Belgium.
  • 2008. IAFEP Conference, Hamilton College.

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